Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cool-laborations II!

I noticed the other day one of my blogger friends mentioned they bought a shirt by Miley Cyrus at Walmart. To the average reader this could be a major turn off -seeing Miley Cyrus and woman's wear together. What my clever friend forgot to mention was that Miley's name is not the only one on this label. Max Azria is top designer on this collaboration. You know... the BCBG designer! The line at Walmart is skewed for a younger crowd, but if you want a cute t-shirt or tank on the cheap- take a look and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Another Walmart collaboration that many aren't aware of is with Norma Kamali. In the 80's she was well known for her active line and has collaborated in the past with Everest performance wear and Speigel. Currently she has a line on ebay, Walmart and her boutiques. I haven't bought anything of hers yet, but at the bargain basement prices- I am foolish not to. Still regretting a menswear vest of hers @ Walmart that I let pass me by. It fit like a dream and for $16- I should have nabbed it. Here are some great items that I would suggest and do check out her swimwear. Oh, did I mention that everything is under $30. Incredible!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Some of you have complained that the neutrals- greys, blacks and whites are holding your closet hostage and would like color to infiltrate the regime.
Today, while heading into the city to see the coif master- I stopped by H&M to have a looksy at the new collaboration with Sonia Rykiel.
Sonia Rykiel is infamous for her knitwear in the 70's, which she has now brought to H&M- and brought she has! The bright pinks, oranges and yellows take me back to the era of florescents. She has intermingled them with black to keep them neutral-closet-friendly. Everything is knitwear, right down to the handbags, and so well made! Everything is reasonally priced from $25- $60. What?! Crazy, right?
In the past, I have been extremely excited about big name collaborations with Target, such as, Anna Sui (crap!) and my beloved- Alexander McQueen (crap!). As you can see, I'm not quick to endorse just any collaboration. This is why I waited to see Rykiel's collection in person, before giving the green light.
I have to say- I loved all of it! I bought two pieces. They gave me a special bright pink bag with Sonia Rykiel's name and symbol on the side. You could have got me to buy anything- if I knew that bag was coming with it. Awesome!
Here is the link to see the entire collection...
As I mentioned about Target and collaborations, they have two coming out this Spring. Jean Paul Gaultier(released March 7th) and Zac Pozen(April 25th). Two very different designers...but again, I will have to see what the quality of fabric is like, before I would tell anyone to purchase something. Look out looks like H&M knows how to do collaborations right!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And this little piggy went wee, wee, wee all the way to DSW!

My hubby and I were casually shopping and decided to step into the local DSW. You know....the shoe Mecca! We went in to get running shoes, but that is not all I came away with...I discovered the most amazing, sexy gladiator heel around for $70 and another for just over $100. You might be thinking..Budgetista! These aren't so budget friendly! But once you get a gander of these bad boys, you might start saving your milk money. My fashion elitist friend Heather might even wear these! Love ya!

The first pair are definitely for the working gal. I mean the 9 to 5 type, not the red-light district! They are buttery, sexy, edgy and sophisticated all in the same shoe!
Grrrrrr! Get um' girl!

The second pair are for people more like myself that have a little more edge to their style and would go perfect with that look-alike Alexander Wang outfit!

These shoes are just a little over $100, which is what I will be telling my husband. I absolutely have nothing to wear with all my pairs of harem pants and jumpsuits!

Another fabulous thing is at, if you spend over $35 they will ground ship your shoes for free! If you enter the code SHPFEB by the end of February, they will next day your shoes free!
Awwwe... the joys of shopping!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pinky and her sister Leather

Everywhere I look it seems as though leather jackets smack me in the face at every turn. Mostly, I see these fake leather, over-priced jackets. I'm on a mission to find a nice jacket at an extremely, affordable price. Do you know where I found it? You guessed it....Ebay! I'm particularly fond of the motorcycle jackets that have the draped collars @ Saks. But for $900 and up, this girl can invent her own style!

Here is an example of one of the jackets I love,but not the price.

Now here are the ones I found on ebay....

Here's the secret to looking good for less....These three jackets cost $5 to $35. Yes, they are all used, but for the price- you can get them cleaned and come out ahead. Besides, with washed leather in style, the wrinkled-aged look is only a bonus. What I look for when I am searching through a hundred or more jackets- is individuality. Don't get a plain-jane jacket without personality! Those will get you zero compliments! God is in the details. So get something that is quilted, has the multiple snap front or asymmetric and definitely cropped! These will look just as cute with jeans as they will with a dress. If you need help, write me before you do anything drastic.....Until next time!

P.S. If shopping on ebay, please avoid China, Korea or Hong Kong! Speaking from experience...they play the bait and switch game. I believe they create the piece modeled in a higher quality leather and then ship out all the rest from crap quality leather!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alexander McQueen dies at age 40

Today I was going to write about retail collaborations with designers, but with the death of Alexander McQueen, it seems only fitting to introduce him to the unknowing.

A very, dear friend of mine emailed me with the news from CNN that the "brilliant" fashion designer, Alexander McQueen, died today. The news hit me hard because he and Jean Paul Gaultier are the only two, true avante-garde designers in the fashion world. Alexander's designs were always more polished while Jean Paul's were extremely theatrical. I found myself drawn to Alexander's work and the beautiful details that he belabored over in each of his pieces. With him gone, I find myself in mourning over a fabulous designer that has left a huge hole in the fashion industry. Who will pick up the torch of his work now that he is gone? I don't know and that is what saddens me.

A little about Alexander McQueen's life...Alexander left school in London at the age of 16 to work at Savile Row as an apprentice tailor. During that time, he tailored suits for the likes of Prince Charles and Mikhal Barshnikov. This was only the beginning with his detailed work.
At the age of 21, he went to design school and was highly recognized and sought after for his designs. By the age of 26, he was given his own line at Givenchy. As Alexander's popularity grew, the Gucci Group picked him up in 2001, where he finished with his own Alexander McQueen line, the new lower-end line: McQ and several collaborations with Puma and Target. I'm sure there are many more that I am missing.... In the end, fame and fortune did not satisfy his longing to live and last night on the eve of his mother's funeral, he took his own life.

So you can see why I was in awe of his work for years and deeply saddened by his passing, here are some remarkable pieces that were just coming out in his 2010 Spring line. Amazing!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Get Tee'd Off

This season is all about the Tee's and we have Alexander Wang to thank for that! Love him! But shame to those who are walking around in a plain one this season. There are so many to sport and I'm here to share a few beauties...

Forever 21 is my favorite one-stop, tee shop. You could spend over $100 at the Saks Fifth Avenue tee shop, but with tees at Forever 21 going for around $15- why would you?

Here are some examples why these staples are the go to for work and play.

This one has a bow tied in the back!
Ladies, you could pull these sophisticated designs off at work. As a sophisticated woman, stay away from sequins and overly glitzy tees. You don't want your outfit to scream- I'm from the low rent district. Throw a pink, black or white Chanel tweed jacket on over these and get ready for the compliments to fly. Also, look for illustrated designs that make you into a walking art- piece. Not that you aren't already one-but this would further compliment your rare beauty and your tee comes off looking more expensive as do you.
On the less serious side...Here are some fun tees that I just had to share. These are perfect for running those kiddies around or a night of clubbin'.
All Tee's pictured are from, but there are many choices. H&M also has great tees, but unfortunately they don't picture all of their merchandise online as Forever21 does.
Until next time...Happy bargain hunting!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Jumpsuits: Onsies for Adults

If I could fill my closet with one thing it would be Jumpsuits! Who doesn't want to wake up in the morning and have a whole outfit put together- without even thinking. Throw a belt on, a jacket or sweater with boots or heels. Voila! like magic you are ready to go...
I have been in search of a great jumpsuit for the past year that was affordable. And of course, I need one that can be dressed up or down! Every designer has their own version, but when they first came out-outrageously expensive! Stella McCartney has a lace one for $4000 and the others are $200 and up! As much as I plan on wearing it, I don't want to spend $200 or more! You can tell I'm passionate about this.

In my search for a casual but fabulous jumpsuit-I found this one from Newport News for $49. And yes, it comes in Black! It doesn't ship until the first week in March, so get yours now! If you would prefer something a little dressier, Newport News does have a great silk jumpsuit for only $39. Happy shopping! http://http// (link for jumpsuit pictured above)

To Jean or not to Jean...?

The 80's appear to be hip again. We have seen this coming for a season now and lower name-brands seem to be perfecting these fashions.

Right now, New York and Company has these distressed boyfriend jean that I am loving and wearing. Many of the higher end jean lines have tried, but unless you have pencil thin legs and no butt- you are not getting into them. These jeans are generously cut (true to size)with a broke-in, soft cotton feel. I suggested these to one of my girlfriends who has a bodacious-booty like myself and she agrees that these are well made.

The dark rinse is best for us ladies who are over 35 because who needs a faded pair of jeans making us look like we haven't been able to afford new clothing in a while. Plus, these can be dressed up with a silk blouse and heels for an evening out or dressed down with flip-flops and a tank to run to the store. These jeans do cost $49.95, but you get a second pair free. What a deal!

Right now NY&Co. is running a special buy one, get one free and for a limited time-free shipping with no minimum buys!!! If you get a chance, check out the slouchy sweater for $14.95-it's a steal!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gladiators to be glad about

As many of you know, gladiators have been all the rage the past few seasons and it doesn't look like they are leaving any time soon. I have several pairs in my collection and am always looking for new ones. I love, love, love Sigerson Morrison gladiator shoes that can run upwards of $500. I found these shoes at that are on sale for $14.99. I'm not a fan of brown, which is the only color they come in, but if you are-these are the shoes to get. Gladiators can be dressed up with a dress (ha!) or down with jeans or chinos. I'm hoping that Payless comes to their senses and makes these in other colors, so black loving women, such as myself can get a pair.