Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Some of you have complained that the neutrals- greys, blacks and whites are holding your closet hostage and would like color to infiltrate the regime.
Today, while heading into the city to see the coif master- I stopped by H&M to have a looksy at the new collaboration with Sonia Rykiel.
Sonia Rykiel is infamous for her knitwear in the 70's, which she has now brought to H&M- and brought she has! The bright pinks, oranges and yellows take me back to the era of florescents. She has intermingled them with black to keep them neutral-closet-friendly. Everything is knitwear, right down to the handbags, and so well made! Everything is reasonally priced from $25- $60. What?! Crazy, right?
In the past, I have been extremely excited about big name collaborations with Target, such as, Anna Sui (crap!) and my beloved- Alexander McQueen (crap!). As you can see, I'm not quick to endorse just any collaboration. This is why I waited to see Rykiel's collection in person, before giving the green light.
I have to say- I loved all of it! I bought two pieces. They gave me a special bright pink bag with Sonia Rykiel's name and symbol on the side. You could have got me to buy anything- if I knew that bag was coming with it. Awesome!
Here is the link to see the entire collection...
As I mentioned about Target and collaborations, they have two coming out this Spring. Jean Paul Gaultier(released March 7th) and Zac Pozen(April 25th). Two very different designers...but again, I will have to see what the quality of fabric is like, before I would tell anyone to purchase something. Look out looks like H&M knows how to do collaborations right!


  1. i'm a huge fan of fushia these days! wish there was an h&M in my neck of the woods!

  2. You have a friend in Atlanta that lives near one! Pick an item and have it mailed to Dillon, MT!