Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cool-laborations II!

I noticed the other day one of my blogger friends mentioned they bought a shirt by Miley Cyrus at Walmart. To the average reader this could be a major turn off -seeing Miley Cyrus and woman's wear together. What my clever friend forgot to mention was that Miley's name is not the only one on this label. Max Azria is top designer on this collaboration. You know... the BCBG designer! The line at Walmart is skewed for a younger crowd, but if you want a cute t-shirt or tank on the cheap- take a look and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Another Walmart collaboration that many aren't aware of is with Norma Kamali. In the 80's she was well known for her active line and has collaborated in the past with Everest performance wear and Speigel. Currently she has a line on ebay, Walmart and her boutiques. I haven't bought anything of hers yet, but at the bargain basement prices- I am foolish not to. Still regretting a menswear vest of hers @ Walmart that I let pass me by. It fit like a dream and for $16- I should have nabbed it. Here are some great items that I would suggest and do check out her swimwear. Oh, did I mention that everything is under $30. Incredible!

1 comment:

  1. i love being mentioned in your blog! ;-)
    annnnnnd... my darling eleven year old LOVES that menswear vest you mentioned - she has it in black. Momma loves the NK line, too. waiting patiently for something new to come out at walmart!