Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pinky and her sister Leather

Everywhere I look it seems as though leather jackets smack me in the face at every turn. Mostly, I see these fake leather, over-priced jackets. I'm on a mission to find a nice jacket at an extremely, affordable price. Do you know where I found it? You guessed it....Ebay! I'm particularly fond of the motorcycle jackets that have the draped collars @ Saks. But for $900 and up, this girl can invent her own style!

Here is an example of one of the jackets I love,but not the price.

Now here are the ones I found on ebay....

Here's the secret to looking good for less....These three jackets cost $5 to $35. Yes, they are all used, but for the price- you can get them cleaned and come out ahead. Besides, with washed leather in style, the wrinkled-aged look is only a bonus. What I look for when I am searching through a hundred or more jackets- is individuality. Don't get a plain-jane jacket without personality! Those will get you zero compliments! God is in the details. So get something that is quilted, has the multiple snap front or asymmetric and definitely cropped! These will look just as cute with jeans as they will with a dress. If you need help, write me before you do anything drastic.....Until next time!

P.S. If shopping on ebay, please avoid China, Korea or Hong Kong! Speaking from experience...they play the bait and switch game. I believe they create the piece modeled in a higher quality leather and then ship out all the rest from crap quality leather!

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