Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Get Tee'd Off

This season is all about the Tee's and we have Alexander Wang to thank for that! Love him! But shame to those who are walking around in a plain one this season. There are so many to sport and I'm here to share a few beauties...

Forever 21 is my favorite one-stop, tee shop. You could spend over $100 at the Saks Fifth Avenue tee shop, but with tees at Forever 21 going for around $15- why would you?

Here are some examples why these staples are the go to for work and play.

This one has a bow tied in the back!
Ladies, you could pull these sophisticated designs off at work. As a sophisticated woman, stay away from sequins and overly glitzy tees. You don't want your outfit to scream- I'm from the low rent district. Throw a pink, black or white Chanel tweed jacket on over these and get ready for the compliments to fly. Also, look for illustrated designs that make you into a walking art- piece. Not that you aren't already one-but this would further compliment your rare beauty and your tee comes off looking more expensive as do you.
On the less serious side...Here are some fun tees that I just had to share. These are perfect for running those kiddies around or a night of clubbin'.
All Tee's pictured are from Forever21.com, but there are many choices. H&M also has great tees, but unfortunately they don't picture all of their merchandise online as Forever21 does.
Until next time...Happy bargain hunting!!

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